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iDental treatment fee guide

We accept most credit cards, and cash as methods of payment. Patients are asked to pay for their treatment as they receive it, with a 50% deposit being required for lab orientated items at the preparation visit.

Please refer to these prices as a guide only. Written estimates of treatment costs will be routinely provided.

Consultations and Hygiene Visits

Procedure Cost
Adult orthodontic consultation to assess suitability & discuss treatment plan (no X-rays required) from £40
Hygiene visit (tarter & stain removal) from £55
Emergency consultation - for assessment, advice, and possible provision of the most feasible, appropriate, and necessary care to manage the acute nature of the condition (based on complexity and procedure) from £40

Orthodontics & Whitening

Procedure Cost
Clear or Metal Braces - Anterior alignment orthodontic treatment (to straighten front teeth only, on a non-extraction basis)
1 arch from £1,995
2 arches from £2,995
Clear Aligners - treatment (to straighten front teeth only, on a non-extraction basis)
Per arch (definitive price based on complexity) from £1,500
Fixed orthodontic retainer (per arch) from £150
Removeable orthodontic retainer (Essix retainer per arch) from £95
Tooth whitening from £395

Facial Aesthetics

Procedure Cost
Botox (1 area) from £200
Botox (2 areas) from £250
Botox (3 areas) from £300
Botox more than 3 areas POA
Botox for hyperhidrosis - (excessive sweating)
Underarms from £400 bilaterally
Palms from £400 bilaterally
Forehead from £200
Cheeks from £150
Scalp from £300
Dermal fillers - can be used in conjunction with Botox in order to reduce and soften wrinkles, thus restoring a youthful appearance, or exclusively to reshape certain facial features and areas e.g. nose, lips (per syringe and depending on area complexity) from £250
Please Note: That many wrinkle reduction and softening cases may require the use of both Botox and dermal fillers. Each case must be assessed and planned on its merit. Your cosmetic expert will discuss your specific needs with you at the initial assessment
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